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Blue Front Amazon Parrots These feathered creatures love to climb and bite, so it’s suggested that Amazon parrot proprietors furnish their pets with a lot of toys, including steps and ropes to swing on. Keep a couple of additional bite toys prepared to supplant any that turn out to be excessively worn and your flying creature won’t come up short on toys to engage himself with when you’re nowhere to be found. A sound eating regimen should comprise of great pellets, a quality seed blend, and day by day servings of crisp, winged animal safe products of the soil.

If you are interested in owning one of these beautiful birds call us or visit us for a chat. Amazon parrots are seasonal which means they do not breed in the colder months. We sell our birds fully weaned if we do not have a baby available we can place you on the waiting list to be next in line.

  Are Amazon parrots affectionate?

Pet Amazon parrots are affectionate and highly intelligent, and they have a playful streak. They can also be temperamental and noisy if not trained properly. Blue-fronted Amazons are considered the best talkers of the Amazon family; the double-yellow-head and yellow-naped species following closest behind.

Are Blue Fronted Amazons good pets?

Blue Fronted Amazons Parrots make a great pet for people with the time and love to share. They are highly intelligent birds with bright personalities and amazing talking abilities. They are quite playful, but they are not as cuddly as other species of parrot.

How long do blue-fronted Amazon parrots live?

blue-fronted Amazon parrots have lived up to 80 years. However, the average life span is much lower. Average life span for blue-fronted Amazons in nature is approximately 65 years.

What do blue-fronted Amazon parrots eat?

The Blue Fronted Amazon’s diet should consist of a combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets. Bowl one, a good quality seed mix should be offered along with mung beans, safflower, wheat, oats, and buckwheat. Bowl two, pellet should be offered (pellets available at Birdsville). Bowl three, fruit and veg such as apple, pear, peas, grapes, rockmelon, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, corn, chili, capsicum, stone fruit, green beans just to name a few.


Blue Fronted Amazons are very active, intelligent birds, so it is important to provide them with toys to stimulate their minds and avoid boredom.


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